5 Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Having fresh flowers in your home is such a treat and we want to help you make the most of these by giving you five helpful tips to make your flowers last longer.

1.Don’t fill the vase right up

Flowers only drink water from the end of the stem, therefore you only need to fill your vase up half way. If you fill your vase right to the top then the foliage will sit under the water and will start to rot and pollute the water causing the flowers to die more quickly.

2. Use warm water

Flowers can more easily soak up warm water than they can cold water. Use a third warm water to two thirds cold water.

3. Cut at an angle

By cutting the stems at a 45 degree angle allows for more surface area to drink the water. Also remove any unwanted foliage which may fall under the waterline as these can decay in the water.

4. Fresh Water

This may be a simple one but it is very important. Flowers like to drink fresh water and don’t like to be sat in dirty water. Remember to refresh your water every few days or when you notice the water becoming discolored, to get the most out of your blooms

5. Add lemonade

Use leftover clear fizzy drinks such as lemonade to give your flowers a boost! Avoid using diet fizzy drinks as the flowers benefit from the sugar and this helps the flowers last that little bit longer.

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