Are Plants and Flowers Good for Health?

The psychological benefits of indoor plants are:

An improved mood, Reduced stress levels, Increased worker productivity (adding plants to a windowless office in particular) Improved attention span and Increased pain tolerance.

The physical health benefits of indoor plants have been proven to help Lesson breathing problems created by better indoor air quality through the removal of airborne pollutants.

Reduce blood pressure.

Reduced fatigue and headaches by 20-25 per cent in one study.

Are there any flowers/plants in particular that are good for certain aspects of health/wellbeing?

Top three air-purifying houseplants:

  1. Sansevieria (mother in law tongue)
  2. Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston fern) 
  3. Spathiphyllum (peace lily)

The pollutants they remove is benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene.

They help reduce stress levels and respiratory infections and conditions.

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