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London florists alike have all suffered the spear-tip that is the pandemic in one form or another, from the complicated adjustments to our way of life to losing business from the lack of human interaction. With that being said, we cannot let the bad times outweigh the good, and with running the risk of sounding cliche, we must strive to make things better than they once were. 

We have to look for the silver lining in every situation and grasp the opportunities as they come our way. That is why I’m happy to announce the opening of our new storefront here at Chic Flower Designs. See, pre-pandemic, we catered to hotels, weddings and large corporate functions, providing beautiful displays for their events. Though my work is deeply fulfilling, I always missed not having space to share my passion with the domestic market and connect with them too on a more personal level.

Corporate Flowers

Then, of course, the world drastically changed, and for the first time in a long time, the streets were empty & loved ones were out of reach. I was genuinely fearful for our health as well to the fate of both my business that I had poured my heart, soul and sweat into over the past 16 years and my team’s future employment and what this meant to their future and their family.

It was impressive how hard the brakes had been pressed within the economy, and as the weeks passed, it became apparent that time was going to be the only useable commodity. I kept in close contact with my team and clients, some of which have been with me from the very start and become more than just clients after over a decade. After much weighing of the choices available to me, with many high and low points, I finally decided to take the leap of faith and take this downtime as an opportunity to make my business even better than it was once before. 

Our prior studio was located under the railway arches, and although it served us well for many years, we weren’t visible, hidden behind a large block of flats. We changed our branding and built a new website, but as we had minimal retail connections or online visibility, this wasn’t going to save the business. I sat with my head in my hands, and with many sleepless nights with my debts building, I knew it was time to act.

By chance, on my way to the studio one morning, I saw a to let sign go up on the arches a few doors down was this fate was something guiding me from an unknown source, I called the agent at soon as the clock hit 9 am. Still, they didn’t yet have the details a fire had started in my belly. I called every day for the next few weeks until finally there were ready for me to view the property it needed to serve all our needs for when the hotels and events returned and give us the shop front we had craved, it was perfect, and I signed on the spot a few months later, we obtained the keys. The reality hit me like a ton of bricks, how am I going to move 2090 sq foot of vases, props and racking, and how can I fit out a shop with no income. Well, let’s get creative. After all, that’s what we do. A few weeks later, after yet more blood (literary), sweat and tears, we moved everything over to the new studio working 18 hours days and used our props and vases to create what we think is a lovely new shop.

Pop by and pay us a visit at Arch 69, Queens Circus, Queens Town Rd, Battersea SW8 4LT.

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