Chic Flowers – New Beginnings For Your Business Or Hotel

Well, it’s finally here! The winter’s cold bite has started to recede, allowing warmth to set in and colour to flourish on the ground. For me, April is a rather exciting time because we can start to enjoy the outdoors again without wearing ten layers of thick clothing and because it signifies new beginnings not only in life but also in business.

This April feels especially exciting to me. Unlike previous years where we had a rather nasty case of uncertainty, this year is the closest we’ve come to normality since 2019, and we are just as excited as you to get back into the swing of things.

With that being said, as we come out of this life of isolation and into the dawn of social living again, we need to bring a breath of fresh air back into our business to celebrate this rediscovery of our freedoms, and what better way to do that then bring some colour back into the office and guest spaces.

See flowers, apart from having symbolic significance, have the uncanny ability to bring atmosphere and vibrance into what would usually be a dull space. It shows that your back open for business and that you’re eager to welcome your customers/guests and give them a memorable experience.

For our hotel & Corporate Friends:
Our dedicated team can deliver weekly hotel flowers direct to your establishment at times that best suit you.
We design unique and original flower displays using a wide range of containers and colours to compliment your decor and company image.

We build strong relationships through regular communication and excellent customer service. We have been fortunate enough to have grown a long list of hotel clients who we worked with for years on a variety of different sized projects.

We also offer a full design service to hotels, and we will supply and maintain all your plants and flowers to compliment every area of the hotel. This also includes midweek checks and replacements so your property always looks it’s best.

For our friends within the events industry:

We understand the importance of projecting a fresh and positive image. All our event flowers and displays are individually designed bespoke by one of our dedicated team who has the experience and imagination to supply you with elegant floral displays.

Whether it’s one arrangement for a boardroom table or hundreds for a corporate dinner, we will create the perfect arrangements to fit your budget. A fully bespoke service that will give you the wow factor and bring prestige to suit your clients.

Should you wish to sign up for one of our bespoke flowers services for your business, simply click here.

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