Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding or Event

Choosing flowers for your event should be the most exciting part of the planning. But it’s not as simple as picking your favourite flowers.

Our clients should always take some time before meeting us to figure out what they like there is so many different designs and styles, so it’s a good idea to look in magazines or websites for inspiration. 

We appreciate Images as they are way more telling than words. Bring your inspirations mood boards, snapshots that reflect your style, but don’t expect exact replicas of what’s on your inspiration board.

Floral designers will create a version of your vision that fits your budget, venue and the time of year.

Communicate what you like about the images you have chosen and always be open to modifications and substitutions, especially when it comes to actual flowers.

Maybe you’re attracted to an arrangement because you like the loose, natural vibe, or perhaps you just like the colours. Your venue will also influence your designs, and your floral decisions should take into account where the event is being held in a grand stately home, hotels, botanical garden or vineyards, the flowers can be kept to a minimum meaning you can make a big impression with fewer flowers Opting for arrangements that look like they belong in the setting mixed vases or jars of country style flowers or botanical clusters of ferns will not look the same in a formal ballroom, the same way a modern tightly grouped arrangement wouldn’t look right in a country venue, always think about your table configuration too round tables or long tables which can help style the shape of your arrangements. 

Your flowers should complement the venue not take over unless you have a totally blank canvas like a marquee where you can transform it from the ceiling to the floor adding high, depth and texture without completing with existing décor. 

If your favourite blooms won’t be in season or don’t fit with your venue, your florist can help find substitutes that achieve the same style. Look for ways to personalise your flowers. The Victorians assigned meanings to different blooms red roses signify love and passion, while lily of the valley represents happiness and purity.

Your flowers can reflect your style. Tighter bunches of traditional blooms such as peonies and roses fit a classic, elegant vibe, while lush arrangements of soft, big blooms will take on a romantic note.

Sleek architectural varieties in minimalist arrangements are more modern, and loose clusters of vibrant flowers mixed with greenery give a natural, rustic feel. You can also experiment with floral alternatives, like feathers, fruits and props.

Working with your florist to pick the style that matches the overall look of your event.

Wedding flowers aren’t just Bouquets and Centrepieces we can create bespoke designs that are personal to you like these half-rings on the wall for this couple’s wedding they wanted something to symbolise them coming together as one.

It’s essential to be open and honest with your budget. You won’t want to waste your time or theirs.

bridesmaids Bouquets
Bridesmaids Bouquets

One of the best ways to find your florist is by word of mouth. Our work comes from word of mouth, asking for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues.

You don’t have to have the florist named in all the glossy magazines or with the most followers on social media. Some companies don’t have the time or money for marketing and like to let their work speak for its self. Often these very talented florists also give you more of a personal service remember not all florists are the same; there are many aspects to floristry and design.

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