Our Top seasonal picks from May /June

Peonies are amazing flowers they come in a wide range of colours from deep burgundy to shades of Coral, pink and whites they come in tight small round balls they open into large rounded fluffy blooms.

Calla lilies long green stems and large whiteheads perfect to create simple tall, elegant vases they also come in yellows, pinks, black and orange.

Delphinium tall stems in the most amazing blues, purples, pinks and whites some are as tall as 150cm great for large vases and pedestal arrangements. 

Hydrangea big bouncy blooms in a wide range of colours from bold shades of deep purple, cerise pink and Chelsea blue to soft pastel shades perfect for all types of flower arrangements and can last over two weeks. Did you know hydrangea is one of the only flowers that drinks from its petal so if your hydrangea is looking tired you can dunk the whole flower head underwater for a 5 minute, remove and shake off excess water, re-cut the stem and place back into your vase?

Take a look through our Summer Collection to find a summer bouquet to suit you or your loved one.

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