Create Professional Arrangements at Home

To begin making your flower arrangement, make sure your vase or container is clean, baking soda is great with white vinegar to remove limescale; any bacteria in the water can cause your flowers to degrade quickly.

Add a quarter of a Milton tablet (baby sterilising tablets) to freshwater to keep the water clean and clear for up to two weeks and keeps the flowers lasting longer.

Make sure you always re-cut your flowers before placing them in water and any woody stems cut at an angle so they can take more water into the stem.

Woody stemmed flowers like hydrangea to be in deep water, but soft stem flowers that don’t have any foliage like calla lilies like to be in shallow water or the stems can rot. 

If you are struggling to arrange your flowers in a vase or container you can always make a grid over the rim with Sellotape this will help you keep flowers in place while you make your arrangement and you can always remove it after or cover it with foliage.

Always remove any foliage and thorns from flowers that will sit below the water line in a vase as they can rot and turn the water brown also the leaves will take more of the water before it can reach the flower head roses last much longer if you remove all the leaves and foliage just leaving the top two before the flower head and roses will last 70% longer.

To get the most out of your new flower arrangement, check out: Top Tips to Improve the Longevity of your Flowers.

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