Top Tips to Improve the Longevity of your Flowers

So you’ve just received your beautiful arrangement of flowers, but now how do you make them last? Here are some care tips to improve the longevity of your flowers. 

First Step Of Care 

  • Remove from packaging and strip any leaves or foliage which will be below your water line.
  • Cut 2cm off the bottom of the stems at an angle: This will improve the plant’s water intake. 
  • Place your flowers in a clean glass vase.
  • Keep in a place away from drafts or high temperatures: This will help prevent your flowers from wilting.
  • Avoid placing your flowers on windowsills: Full exposure to sunlight will cause your flowers to fade.
  • Place flowers in the coolest part of the house: Cooler temperatures improve the longevity of flowers. 

Maintaining Your Flowers

  • Ensure your vase is always filled with water: Like many land-dwelling organisms, if they cannot drink, they cannot survive. 
  • Remove any wilting leaves or stems as soon as they become apparent: This will maintain the appearance of the flower arrangements. 
  • Beware of cloudy water: This means the water quality is low and needs to be swapped out for freshwater to keep your flowers looking fresher for longer. 
  • Remove any fallen foliage from beneath the waters to prevent it from rotting. 

Good practise when changing the water

  •  Remove any dead or wilting flowers from the arrangement.
  • After carefully removing the flowers, begin to thoroughly clean the vase with soapy water to kill any thriving bacteria: Ensure to rinse the glass a few times after cleaning to remove any cleaning product. 
  • Open the flower preservative if supplied and pour it into the water. 
  • Top Tip instead of flower food, Put a quarter of a baby sterilising tablet into the water. This will prevent bacteria build-up keep the water crystal clear.
  • Once again, cut roughly 2cm off the bottoms of the stems at an angle. 
  • Place your flower arrangements back into the water as soon as possible. 

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