What Flowers are in Season: Spring

Our flowers vary from season to season depending on what’s available and in bloom that month as different flowers bloom in different seasons of the year. Here at CHIC, Spring is one of our favourite seasons as it marks the end of the cold weather and we start to seeing bright colour appearing all around us.  Daffodils start blooming in the parks, bluebells emerge in the woods and vibrant green leaves reappear.

Here’s a list of our favourite spring flowers to look out for:


Tulips come in a wide range of colours, all of which symbolizing something quite different. Because of their range, they are the perfect flower to give for a wide range of occasions and will be sure to brighten up your home.


This bright early spring flower is believed to bring happiness and symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth and therefore is understandably recognized as the Easter flower.


The hyacinth is a fragrant flower available in a range of shades including red, white, pink, blue violet and yellow, all with unique scents and are commonly used in perfumes. The purple hyacinth is used to ask for forgiveness and symbolizes regret whilst the white is used to send prayers and means loveliness and red and pink symbolizes play. These delightful flowers can be given in a bouquet or as a potted plant which can be replanted in the garden.


These pretty flowers come in a wide range of bright colours and are certain to brighten up any garden. These are a great plant for hanging baskets and planters as they keep their bright colours almost all year round but are more coming in spring and autumn. They are known for there overlapping leaves and face like features!


These gorgeous buds come into bloom in late spring early summer and are a popular choice for weddings as the peony means happy marriage, good fortune and compassion. There are many different types of peonies all coming in varying shades of pink, red, yellow and white and their overlapping large heads make for a showstopping bouquet.

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